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As an authorised partner, we offer a wide range of Samsung washing machine parts, such as doors, rubber door seals, soap compartments and stacking kits. We supply 100% original washing machine parts and deliver directly from the Netherlands. You can order parts by entering the model code in the field above.

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Where can I find the model code for my Samsung washing machine?

To order parts for your washing machine on Samsungparts.eu, you always need the model code of your appliance. On washing machines, this code is always included on a sticker on the inside of the door. Take note! Do not confuse the model number with the model code. The model code is a combination of letters and numbers. Enter the model code in the grey bar and you will be taken to the model page. This page contains all available parts and allows you to choose the part you want. Need help? Our Support desk would be happy to oblige.


Most popular washing machine parts

The most popular washing machine parts are:

  • Washing machine rubber door seals: if the washing machine leaks during a wash, this may be due to a worn rubber door seal or cuff. The rubber door seal can become damaged or dirty and may need to be replaced.  
  • Soap compartment: the washing powder or liquid compartment is filled with detergent for each wash. Enter the model code and find the correct soap compartment for your washing machine.
  • Stacking kit : would you like to place your washing machine and dryer on top of each other? To do this, you should use a stacking kit or spacer. We supply the original stacking kit with which you can neatly stack two appliances on top of each other. A spacer with a retractable tray is also available, if you need extra work space.
  • Washing machine pump: is your washing machine pump broken? Our range includes the original Samsung pump, which you can replace yourself.

Other Samsung washing machine parts that can be ordered:

  • Samsung washing machine thumble
  • Samsung washing machine tub
  • Samsung washing machine water line
  • Samsung washing machine drain hose
  • Samsung washing machine housing
  • Samsung washing machine door
  • Samsung cuff

Place of the model code sticker

Model code on the sticker

Need advice on finding the right parts?

Our Support desk is ready to help you find the correct model code or the appropriate part number. Contact them at any time for advice or assistance in the purchasing of parts for your Samsung washing machine.
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